I'm Lokit!! She, they or ey/em/eir pronouns please!! I am a social justice wizard, and i like guinea pigs, bugs, girls, and small toy horses. i'm also in a few fandoms, so expect stupid nerd stuff too!!

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the bad dreams happened anyways

i think its time for me to sleep
wish me good dreams cuz the last ones i had were csa related and i dont like it

if its not a readmore or not tagged with don’t reblog
then go ahead

ideally, instead of distrusting men
we could just set them on fire
saves a lot of time and energy and grief, really

dont trust boys theyre gross and creepy


のほも is such a good word?? the concept is kind of hard to fully get across in translation, but basically it means a feeling of pure, deep, platonic affection, and i think thats beautiful

the rain is picking up and theres scary noises…
im like a dog
weather scares me

it might be the weather but i have been sleeping in a different bed with a fussy cat
she can’t decide where to curl up and i have to work around her on this stiff strange mattress
im sure once i get home and sleep in my own bed things will be better!

imagine a world where csa flashbacks didn’t happen and something nice happened instead

my shoulder hurts so bad augh why

yeah…i knew this would happen..i did some bad things before but that’s all behind me now..i would never do that now..im leaving tumblr sry….

literally every person on tumblr outed as a sexual harasser (via missespeon)