I'm Lokit!! They, she, or ey/em/eir pronouns

I am a social justice wizard, and i like guinea pigs, bugs, girls, and small toy horses.

My art blog is Sketchwizard!! I tend to be all over the place with my subjects!

My best friend is Robotmoxie!! go follow him he's neat

If we have a mutual follow, I have a very important request! Please tag anything involving child molestation or sexual abuse against minors with #childhood sexual abuse or #csa. Also, pretty please tag #incest!


i might run my bad art blog different than my usual art blog

more sketches to compensate the way i never finish smutty art

daddragon replied to your post: daddragon replied to your post: mewtw…

mewtwo is actually two mews stuck together. mew two.

daddragon replied to your post: holy shit red give the guy some perso…

i didn’t know aliens could sweat

entity two is a sweaty guy i guess

holy shit red give the guy some personal space already

touched up my blog while i was at it

ok deoxysofficial is online and workin

go follow if ur thirsty for my bad smutty art or wanna support my disgusting habit of drawing consensual sex

rn its just pokemon since thats most recent

but in the future there’ll be all kinds

im gonna go make deoxysofficial my nsfw art blog

sketchy screenshots will still be posted here and i might reblog to here every now and then but otherwise i know some of my friends might not be super excited about seein my weird porn

i have deoxysofficial hoarded

should i make that my nsfw art blog

vega’s “”“”biological sex”“”” is nebulous and shrouded in mystery because hey she’s a damn space alien
but she likes when people refer to her as a girl
she’s docile but she’ll whip you with a tentacle if you misgender her

celeste has a bad habit of sitting in the middle of food piles and i cant tell if its because she’s comfy on em or if she’s trying to keep chloe from eating it all
or if she doesnt even realize she’s doing it