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after i dropped keith off at the airport i slept for about 20 hours

that kinda says something about me doesnt it


Hahahaha there are tears on my face from laughing so hard. Oh my god.

Billy was eating cucumber and then this happened. 

in my quest to collect the mcdonalds ponies, i now have 4 out of 8! all that’s left is vinyl scratch, luna, rarity, and fluttershy!!

plus some extras for custom shenanigans, of course!!

i want a spare rarity for a citrus sweetheart and a spare pinkie pie for bumblesweet!


im drawing some of my fav g1 ponies from memory! hahaha i love these two they are priority 

schrodingersgat asked
How are you holding up?

I’m doin ok friend thank u
I slept all day and ate a box of donuts in my sleep but that is actually kind of normal for me so i wouldnt worry
thank you for your concern friend im ok


it feels really weird and alien to be back in beaufort

i miss anna

it feels quiet i miss you too

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this was the best song of 2013 i’m not kidding

he really got bars like people reblog this as a joke but he really went off

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hey punks

i’m back on the east coast

im glad youre safe but *really loud sobbing


Ben inspecting his new house from the fabulous Fuzzbutt Cage Comforts which supplies your fur babies with the best, cuddliest beds ever :D